“Ryan is very hard working manager who is not afraid to be hands on and solve problems. He is creative in the approaches he uses and detail oriented in his delivery. Ryan works well with others as a manager, peer, or service provider.  I would highly recommend Ryan to anyone using his services.”

-Kristen Vosmaer, CFT Eco & CTS Eco


“Ryan is an exceptional researcher, he thinks outside the box and possesses an work ethic unsurpassed. He is tenacious in his efforts and expects no less from the team he manages. Ryan has the uncanny ability to quickly delve into unusual industries, understand position descriptions and in a short period of time produce quality candidates. It would be my pleasure to work with him again.”

-Sara Kearns, The SF Group


“Ryan is a very talented researcher who WILL find that needle in the haystack. Tenacious in his work and determined to provide what you need. Certainly reliable, great at sticking to deadlines and delivering quality. Very personable character and fun to be around. I would not hesitate to work with him again as and when given the opportunity.”

-Suky Bansal, Simply You